The Invisalign Advantage

Invisalign treatment is the modern way to treat teeth, effective for treating a wide range of teeth-straightening cases. Patients who choose Invisalign can look forward to the many benefits over traditional metal braces!

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No Food Restrictions

Gone are the days when the journey to straight teeth meant no gum, no hard candies, and no caramel!

When being treated with Invisalign, you remove the straightening trays before eating, so you can enjoy your favorite foods and work towards a beautiful, healthy smile.

Of course, you should still eat healthy! But with Invisalign you can enjoy the foods you love.


No Interruptions

While metal braces are a tried and true solution to correcting teeth, their presence can be intrusive. They require lengthier appointments to adjustment, carry the inherent risk of emergency appointments,

On the other hand, Invisalign clear aligners are practically invisible, adjusting to your life rather than requiring you to adjust to it. Applicable to every stage of life, for almost every mouth

When you get braces, everyone sees the braces. But when you get Invisalign, everyone sees your smile.


Easy to Clean

Metal braces require special attention to maintain a healthy mouth while under treatment. Patients often use a special flossing apparatus, special toothbrushes, and encouragement from their orthodontist to keep up the hard work.

Using Invisalign doesn’t require any special cleaning strategy. Just brush and floss like normal to maintain clean and healthy gums!


For Every Age

Invisalign isn’t just for adults! Invisalign First allows children to enjoy all the benefits of Invisalign early in their lives, so that they can work towards healthier mouths in the future.