Dr. Patty Fong

Dr. Patricia Fong attended University of California Berkeley for her undergraduate studies in the field of Human Physiology. After four years at University of California San Francisco Dental School, she earned her DDS degree. She was fortunate to be able to continue her studies at UCSF in the  Department  of Growth and Development and was awarded a Certificate of Specialty in Orthodontics.

Dr. Patricia Fong has been in private practice for almost 30 years and still LOVES the opportunity her practice gives her to interact with her patients, both young and not as young. 

“Although the day-to-day focus of my practice is to provide outstanding and caring patient care and to help each patient achieve a beautiful smile and a healthy and functional occlusion, my real joy comes from getting to know each of my patients and their families and interacting with them and helping them to grow in their self esteem and well-being. I feel so blessed for the opportunities to develop these special relationships and to have positive influences on my patients’ lives!”

— Dr. Patty Fong